László Tabár Breast Centre

The László Tabár Breast Centre is dedicated to providing caring and thoughtful services to all women. The Centre is part of our Specialist Womens Imaging Centre but concentrates only on Breast MRI, Mammography and Breast Intervention services, drawing on Dr Connor's expertise and specialised training by László Tabár.

Who is Dr László Tabár?

Laszlo Tabar

Professor László Tabár is a visionary physician, researcher, and educator who has contributed significantly in the worldwide fight against breast cancer. In a career spanning over 40 years, he has worked tirelessly to reduce or eliminate suffering and death from the disease.

His pioneering research has laid the foundation for early detection through modern mammographic screening. As a clinician, he has applied his expertise to the interpretation of well over one million mammograms.

A consummate educator, Professor Tabár is responsible for the mentoring of tens of thousands of breast imagers, surgeons and pathologists worldwide. His influence is felt on every continent and there can be no doubt that his work as a researcher and educator has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of women.

Dr O’Connor has been personally trained and mentored by Professor Tabár himself. This has contributed to Dr O’Connor’s outstanding clinical acumen and reputation amongst his peers as an expert in breast imaging.

The László Tabár Breast Centre was opened in November 2009 by Professor Tabár  and Dr Tom Stavros, one of the pioneers of breast ultrasound.

The Centre utilises the highly advanced GE Senographe DS Digital Mammography machine, which provides the lowest does mammography available.

In 2014, the unit was officially dedicated the LászlóTabár Breast Centre in honour of Professor Tabár as a Nobel Prize Nominee. During his visit to the Centre, he highlighted the ‘excellent, high quality service’ provided by the Coastal Medical Imaging and Specialist Women’s Imaging Centre for women in the community.

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