Specialist Women’s Imaging Centre

Our Specialist Women’s Imaging Centre is dedicated to meeting the unique health needs of women on the Sunshine Coast in a caring and thoughtful environment.

The Centre is run by the Sunshine Coast’s only Radiologist with a Fellowship in Women’s Imaging, Dr Sean O'Connor, who ably assisted by a team of highly skilled and dedicated technical staff. Together, they provide comprehensive examinations for all patients. Our dedicated specialists’ services are focussed on providing comprehensive examinations of all patients in a caring and understanding environment.

Our Dr O'Connor is always available to answer all clinical questions, ensuring our patients have a thorough understanding of their examinations and the reports. The reports are available very quickly, with accurate and professional analysis.

The breadth of our services and exceptional professional health care was recognised in the 2015 Sunshine Coast Small Business Awards, with the Specialists Women’s Imaging Centre being proud finalists in four categories.

Dr László Tabár

Many of our women's imaging services are provided by Dr Sean O’Connor, the only radiologist on the Sunshine Coast with a fellowship in Women’s Imaging and one of the most experienced MRI readers in Queensland. Dr Connor trained under the guidance of Professor László Tabár, whose pioneering research has laid the foundation for early detection through modern mammographic screening.

These services take place in the László Tabár Breast Centre at Specialist Women’s Imaging Centre, one of only two clinics in the world to be endorsed by Professor László Tabár. The Centre utilises the highly advanced GE Senographe DS Digital Mammography machine, which provides the lowest dose mammography available.

Laszlo Tabar
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