Breast Cysts

Most cysts develop rapidly and then stay the same size, a small number of cysts shrink or continue to grow. Cysts are often too small to feel but larger cysts can be felt in the breast tissue. Cysts may be firm or soft, often women can have more than one cyst at a time. Cysts are sometimes uncomfortable or painful, often women find that their cysts get more tender or enlarged in the days before their period. 



This procedure is usually a short and simple procedure performed by our Specialist Interventional Radiologist.  

You lie down on a bed and the doctor cleans your skin where they are going to put the needle. After locating the fluid/cyst, an injection of a local anesthetic is given to numb the area. Once it is numb, a needle is placed through the skin into the cyst to be drained. Once the fluid is extracted, it is then to be sent to pathology for testing.

Once the drainage is completed, a pressure dressing will be applied to the area which you can remove after 24 hours.