Guide to Healthcare Related Infections

During your scan or interventional procedure, every effort has been made to ensure that a sterile and non-infectious process has occurred. This process will be completed with a sterile band-aid or covering over the wound or interventional site. Once this has been applied, it is important to minimise any further possibilities of infection that could target this area.

This can be achieved by:

  • Keeping the area of interest covered with the sterile dressing for as long as possible or recommended,
  • Keeping the area of interest free from dirt or germs using anti-bacterial soap to its surroundings or making efforts to keep the site clean from the moment of leaving the practice
  • Re-applying another sterile dressing or using a sterilising solution and clean bandage to redress the site of interest if the original dressing becomes unusable
  • Constant and thorough hand hygiene should be performed to further minimise risk of infection should your hands come in contact with the site of interest,

If your wound or interventional site begins to itch, ache or appear red and inflamed it is important to contact your local Doctor (GP) immediately to discuss methods to reduce the chances of the infection progressing.