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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced and painless scan that allows doctors to look at soft tissues of the body without the use of X-rays.

It is a non-invasive imaging modality which uses a very strong magnet, radiofrequency waves and a powerful computer to produce detailed cross-sectional images inside the body. It is especially helpful to collect pictures of soft tissue, such as organs and muscles, that don’t show up on X-ray examinations.

Our MRI examinations cover the head, neck, the full spine and the entire body, as well as the limbs. We use the state-of-the-art Siemens Magnetom MRI scanner which produces the highest possible imaging quality.

MRI procedures referred by your GP may be bulk billed for a specific area. You will however need to send your referral in to be protocoled. We will then be able to telephone you to go through all our safety question’s and to advise of any cost involved if your referral does not meet the Medicare criteria.

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