Prostate Ultrasound

Prostate ultrasounds are an important part of the Coastal Medical Imaging practice today

Ultrasound – also know as a sonogram - is widely used to capture real time images, allowing assessment of the prostate without making an incision.

The technique uses high-frequency sound waves to capture the images and unlike other imaging techniques, ultrasound uses no x-rays. It is, along with MRI, the gold standard in prostate imaging.

Our practice has the only 3D Transrectal Power Doppler Prostate Ultrasound Services in Australia. Patients travel from throughout Australia and the West coast of the United States for our services

We utilise the GE Voluson E8 Expert with an ultra high resolution 20 Mhz ultrasound probe for all our examinations, which is the only one on the Sunshine Coast. There are in fact. only two of these in the entire country. 3D volume rendered images are assessed on ‘4D View’ with computer-aided assessment of the Vascularisation Index (VI). An increased VI above normal is often associated with prostate cancer and has a high correlation with MRI findings.

Dr O’Connor has been personally trained in the 3D ultrasound service by esteemed Radiologist/Sonologist Dr. Robert Bard from CancerScan in New York. If requested, teleradiology consultations with Dr. Bard can be arranged.

Do you need to book an ultrasound?

Call Coastal Medical Imaging and one of our friendly staff will book your scan and answer any questions you may have.

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