CT Scan

Coastal Medical Imaging is pleased to offer the Sunshine Coast a new and improved CT service.

Coastal Medical Imaging provides reliable diagnostic results across clinical disciplines as well as a new quality of patient care. Easy and fast workflows save preparation, scan and after-care time for every patient. This will improve the CT experience for everybody involved.

The revolutionary Siemens SOMATOM Go.Up 64 slice CT machine is an award winning new product which offers Ultra Low Dose Imaging (CT at Xray doses). High Resolution CT Lung, Sinuses, Ankles and Wrists are just some of the procedures our CT scans are currently being performed with similar or lower doses to those of plain x-rays.

The SOMATOM Go.Up’s extensive image processing power provides an automated demonstration of the ribs in a simple, easy to view presentation. Just one low dose CT scan of the chest provides both soft tissue visualization of the lung and bony details of the ribs. The SOMATOM Go.Up CT scanner contributes to patients’ well-being by minimizing radiation and contrast dosage.

More Information for Patients: www.insideradiology.com.au/computed-tomography/
Information for Health Professionals: www.insideradiology.com.au/computed-tomography-hp/